Marketing and Sales

Tacit Solutions employs winning business tactics to help you improve your presence in your market space and maximize budget throughout the year by:

  • Marketing to the right people, to lower your overall marketing cost
  • Designing programs to deliver the right message and at the right time 
  • Improve your brand  awareness in new and existing markets

While each Tacit Solutions client is unique, the range of clients we have supported, allows us to leverage the best marketing techniques and lessons learned in other industries; to bring fresh marketing knowledge directly to your company before your competition can.

  • We develop marketing programs to help you reach profitable prospects
  •  We help you shape your present and future marketing strategies

If your company is a new start-up or has had a reduction-in-force (RIF), you may only need short-term support.  Often our staff and consulting partners step in as a contracted 1099 employee to cover key company functions until you can get back on solid footing. Examples of the positions and functions we can offer support and quickly fill the gaps are:

  • Vice President of Sales
  • Director of New Business Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Manager                                               
  • Supply Chain Management Function
  • Program Management Function
  • Direct Sales Function (industry specific in Western US)